brendon mcconnell

I am an Associate Professor in the Economics Department at City, University of London. My core research focus is on the economics of crime. I am also interested in other areas of applied micro — I currently have work in the areas of both family and environmental economics. Here is my CV and here is my office hour booking link for students.

working papers

selected work-in-progress

  • Hot Knots vs Hot Spots: Targeting Key Players in Crime, joint with Corrado Giulietti and Yves Zenou [not far off a first draft]

  • The Changing Relationship Between Crime and Deprivation, sole-authored [mid-way]

  • House Prices and Homicides, joint with Corrado Giulietti [mid-way]

  • An Alternative Approach to Measuring Assortative Matching, sole-authored [mid-way]

  • Measuring The Social Costs of Homicides Using Subjective and Objective Measures, joint with Arpita Ghosh and Corrado Giulietti [mid-way]

older working papers

Journal Articles

Book Chapters


Reading: Suttree by McCarthy
Riding: Tempest by Planet X
Doing: (not so) cold water swimming
Cooking: going back to the old school with Madhur Jaffrey
Listening to [music-wise]: trying again with Anderson.Paak
Listening to [podcast-wise]: Andrew Huberman, preparing for the new John Vervaeke on Socrates


email: b dot i dot mcconnell at soton dot ac dot uk