brendon mcconnell

I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Economics Department at the University of Southampton. I received my PhD from University College London, under the supervision of Imran Rasul and Jérôme Adda. My core research focus is on the economics of crime. I am also interested in other areas of applied micro — I currently have work in the areas of both family and environmental economics. Here is my CV and here is my office hour booking link for ECON6004 students.

working papers

selected work-in-progress

  • Hot Knots vs Hot Spots: Targeting Key Players in Crime, joint with Corrado Giulietti and Yves Zenou [not far off a first draft]

  • The Changing Relationship Between Crime and Deprivation, sole-authored [mid-way]

  • House Prices and Homicides, joint with Corrado Giulietti [mid-way]

  • An Alternative Approach to Measuring Assortative Matching, sole-authored [mid-way]

  • Measuring The Social Costs of Homicides Using Subjective and Objective Measures, joint with Arpita Ghosh and Corrado Giulietti [mid-way]

older working papers

Journal Articles

Book Chapters


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email: b dot i dot mcconnell at soton dot ac dot uk